A CHANCE WITH YOU (Available now in AMAZON)

Hi, my dearest followers and readers! I have good news for you—my NOVELLA is finally out in the market. Please click the following links posted below for your further references. I hope you’ll buy and read it soon. Thank you so much in advance!



A Chance With You (Novella)

Two strangers find themselves falling for each other. Will THEY FIGHT IT or TAKE THE CHANCE?

At twenty-eight, Mia Allison Jenkins considers herself successful. She runs her own restaurant, lives comfortably in her cozy apartment, and travels at least twice a year. For Mia, life seems perfect—but why does she still feel empty and alone?

Her friends say she needs to give dating another try. But after getting her heart broken, she believes she isn’t ready at all; dating isn’t her priority. Yet, fate intervenes and brings her Daniel Meier Henderson, an irresistible thirty-one-year-old man who seems determined to show her how to take chances and fall in love again. Slowly, he worms his way into her life and as Mia gets to know him better, her resolve starts to crumble.

But will she give in and take the chance? Or will she allow her past to dictate her present and let the perfect guy slip through her fingers?

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They say not to judge a book by its cover but I need you to do just that. If you liked the cover of my book, A Chance With You (an Enemies-to-Lovers Romance), please vote for it for the Cover of the Month contest on AllAuthor.com!

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A Chance With You

Wedding reception + necklace + Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) + photo album =A CHANCE WITH YOU

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A Chance With You


A Chance With You CONVO

“I am stubborn, bossy, and sensitive. I also don’t cook so well, and I don’t like zombie series or films like you do. We are poles apart.”


“And so? I still love you even if you’re stubborn and you can’t cook my favorite Schnitzel, and I can bear it if you don’t watch horror or zombie films. We can watch your favorite sci-fi films instead.”


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METAMORPHOSIS (Poetry Collection)

My Inspiration

Oh, you give me hope that no one does.
All your smiles warm my lonely heart.
Words, actions, and all that jazz.
Yes, you inspire me much;
can’t thank you enough.
Because of you,
I’m beaming
with joy,

-j. Lorenzin © 2020

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Life outside the school is a classroom itself.

-j. Lorenzin © 2020

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LDR Quote

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