Missing HongKong

It’s been almost a month since we moved to another country, but it seemed as if it were just yesterday.

Waaaaah, I miss Hongkong very much– the beautiful skyscrapers, the tall buildings and towers, the long yet fascinating Victoria harbour, the ever fast MTR, the effective and efficient medical system, the delectable HK and Chinese cuisines, and the rich HK culture……. ahhhh, I indeed miss it (especially our humble abode).

My last day in the Fragrant Harbour of Asia was very emotional. I had almost the whole day crying. Only the thought of leaving our place made me cry like a river. What the heck! Such emotion was so strong that I felt as though my heart was literally squeezed.

While looking outside our apartment’s glass window, my tears began rolling down my cheeks. Leaving that apartment (which of course I called home for three years) was tough.

My husband knew that it’s a sad day for me, but he was still a bit surprised to see me weeping like that. He even asked me this while holding my hands: “Is it really hard, Babe?” I could not even answer his simple question because a big lump on my throat prevented me to do so.

To tell you honestly, I also did not expect that leaving Hongkong would be as painful as moving away from my home country for the first time. But my three years in HK gave me freedom, new learnings, and awesome experiences. I fell in love with the place, so to speak. And when I fell, I really fell, so departing from the Harbour made it hard for me.

When we were at the Hongkong International Airport, my eyes were swollen. Couldn’t think of the right word to describe my facial expression and emotion then. I was silent and contemplating.

After 12 hours of flight, we arrived at our destination. Sadly, we’re totally far from Asia. New timezone. New culture. New language. New residence. Everything new.

But there’s something a little older and will not change, however sad or happy I am– That’s my love for my baby blue eyes.

He’s the main reason behind my frequent travels for the past few years. Like what I’ve told him before, I would be with him whichever country he resides in.

Having my own family has helped me to cope with my new life here in Europe. Thanks to them! And yes, thanks to my husband’s family for welcoming me wholeheartedly. Couldn’t ask for more. Really.

Anyway, enough of sad moments and homesickness. Time to move forward for tomorrow is another day. Yes, it is!


I will surely see Hongkong in the future. That’s a promise.


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