From The PEAK: What a sight to behold!

My dearest husband took this photo of Hongkong’s spectacular skyline from the Sky Terrace 428 on Victoria Peak.

Beautiful, isn’t it? What a wonderful photo to look at! Thanks to my baby blue eyes.

If you want to see the amazing panoramic view of Hongkong in the night, go to Victoria Peak via the Peak Tram, urban taxi, Bus 15 or 15B, mini bus 1, or your own private car. Once you’re at the Peak, you can try the Sky Terrace 428, the 360 degree-viewing deck of the Peak Tower where you can marvel at the impressive sea of Hongkong’s skyscrapers and the wonderful Victoria Harbour.

I suggest that you go there around late afternoon, have some coffee moments at Pacific Coffee or eat some burgers and fries at Burger King, or spend an hour shopping at different stores like Crocs, Giordano, Swarovski, Swatch, and others.

After having some coffee, you can approach the Sky Terrace 428 receptionist to buy the entrance ticket which costs 52.00 hkd for Adults and 26.00 hkd for Children aged 3-11, Seniors and PWD.

Actually, you can also avail a combo ticket of Peak Tram and Sky Terrace 428 which costs 99.00 hkd for Adults and 47.00 hkd for Children aged 3-11, Seniors and PWD (roundtrip); or 84.00 for Adults and 38.00 hkd for Children, Seniors and PWD (one-way only).

Spending an hour or two at the Sky Terrace 428 while gazing at the stunning view of Hongkong is definitely an enjoyable experience for locals and international tourists.

When you’re done admiring the scenic view from above, you can check out some restaurants to dine in the lower levels (e.g. Wildfire, Fujiyama Mama, Mimi Desserts, and Hongkong Day).

Wildfire Pizzabar and Grill is our top choice for dine-in restaurant at the Peak. It offers Western cuisine, so if you’re a fan of Western food, go there and enjoy their sumptuous dishes.

My favorite food to order there is the Supreme Pizza, but of course, they have various options to choose from. Their mini sliders, fish taco, caesar salad, chicken kebab, and banana split are also delicious. Ohh, I’m getting hungry while writing this blog entry haha.

If you’re a seafood lover, they also have many seafood dishes there. Now, if you’re a steak afficionado like my hubby, why not order the Wildfire’s U.S. T-bone Steak or U.S. Beef Hanger Steak? “Mouthwatering!” My husband says.

Waaah, enough of these free advertisements hahaha I wonder if Wildfire and Sky Terrace 428 will give me some freebies with all the recommendations and praises I’ve given them. Uh oh, just kidding!

Whatever you want to do at the Peak, it’s your choice, but please, please, please.. Try to experience what we have experienced before and that is to see the outstanding Hongkong skyline, whether it’s in the morning, afternoon or evening. It’s worth the price and the waiting time. Promise.

I miss you, Hongkong. See you in the future.

Gute Nacht. Ciao.


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4 thoughts on “From The PEAK: What a sight to behold!

      1. True.. it’s better to go there around December to January just in case you prefer cooler days. And ugggh, the humidity in HK sucks.

        But I still miss it hahah


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