Red roses from Flower Delivery HK. Photo credits to my husband

In the evening before my birthday, I asked my husband if he already took a leave of absence for tomorrow. But sad to say, he could not make it. He had a whole day seminar in Central District to attend to. That’s what he said.

Frustration filled me.

Before bedtime, I messaged my dear friend if she could join me on my birthday. I already planned to attend the morning mass at Rosary Church in Tsim Sha Tsui and then have lunch with her somewhere in Kowloon.

My friend said yes to me. Ok, that would be fun. At least, I would not be sad on my birthday. So, I slept.

When I woke up at 4 am to feed my little bunny, hubby was not by my side anymore. I thought that he just went to the restroom.

Ten minutes had passed and I was already done feeding our baby, but he was still missing. I was already thinking what’s happening outside.

Baby slept peacefully after a few minutes, so I laid her down in her bed. I was about to get up when suddenly, the door opened and there my husband was, standing by the door, holding a small cake with lit candles.

Whooooaaah! What an early birthday greeting ha.

He started singing the happy birthday song while still holding the cake. Oh, my heart melted! His sweet gestures made all my disappointment gone.

Hubby kissed and greeted me once more. I was so thankful and glad with all his efforts. Waking up very early and preparing a small surprise for me were already enough to ease my “tampo” haha.

When I went to the dining table at 6 am, I saw my favorite Pepero, the delicious Lindt and Raffaello chocolates placed on my plate.

I gushed and said ‘thank you’ to Hubby.

Then, we had our breakfast together, which was not so common in our household. Then at 6:45 am, he kissed me and said his goodbye. He had to go to Central for his seminar on that day. And I believed him.

Having a small baby to attend to could somehow ruin a mom’s schedule. I wanted to attend the mass, but could not anymore because of my baby. I decided to attend the evening mass instead.

While attending to the needs of my little bunny in the living room, I heard the sound of the door.

Mind you, there were only two persons having the key cards in our apartment– that’s me and my Schatz!

What a surprise, right? Funny, he was also surprised to see me inside.

“I thought you attended the mass,” he said.

“Well, I changed my mind. I would attend the service in the evening.”

“It was me who was surprised. You shouldn’t be here now”, he was shaking his head out of mere disappointment.

“And why on earth are you here? I thought you had a seminar.”

Obviously, my husband lied. He’s not really going to Central. According to him, when he went out of our apartment, he just walked along the nearest street, then back, and stayed a little at the lobby while waiting for 8 am (the start of the mass).

Unfortunately (for him ha), I was still in the apartment, so his planned “surprise” was not accomplished.

I teased him and said, “You lied to me ha. Should I be worried?”

“Nah, I did it only for your birthday. I wanted to surprise you, but it looked like I was the one surprised.”

While we were talking, my phone rang. A delivery man called me and told me to go down in the lobby to get my flowers.

Another surprise.

But Hubby was a little bit annoyed. The man was supposed to deliver the flowers in the apartment, not me picking it up downstairs.

As I approached the man from Flower Delivery HK, I saw a beautiful and huge bouquet of red roses, with a small card on it, and a medium-sized box (Please see the photo posted above).

Oh, I became teary-eyed while I was in the lift. What a sweet and thoughtful man my husband was (and still, luckily.)

My husband, with a smile on his handsome face, opened the door.

I put the bouquet of red roses and the box on the table. Then, I hugged and kissed him. That’s the only way I could thank him for all the sweet surprises he has done for me.

“I hope you’re happy with all of these. It’s your first birthday celebration here in Hongkong and I wanted it to be extra special for you,” he told me.

Ohhh, I cried. I’m so blessed for having HIM in my life. Seriously, I could not ask for more.

My close friend with her baby boy arrived before lunch. Guess what? My dearest hubby made Hawaiian, Tuna and Salami pizzas for the three of us.

Wait, there’s another surprise. Another man from The Royal Garden Fine Foods delivered the mouthwatering mango cheese cake and six yummy mango cupcakes.

Mango Cheese cake. Photo credits to The Royal Garden Fine Foods

Mango cupcake. Photo credits to my husband


What a birthday treat indeed!

P.S. The box I received contained the flower vase and a set of Ferrero Rocher. As you can see from the photo above, the bouquet was already arranged. Guess who did it? My loving husband of course.

Thanks to my baby blue eyes. ❤

By Happy Wife

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