The bright light is fading,

We succumb to weeping,

Darkness is coming,

Suddenly, blindness devours our being.

We’re not on high,

Now we live with sigh,

For the light bids goodbye,

We kneel down and cry.

Comfort is all we need,

For our loving light has to fade,

Broken we may seem,

Now, we sing a desolate hymn.

The little light finally meets the real source of Light, our Host.

Then, she will never be lost.

Finally, she won’t feel aghast,

Cries will end at last!

By j. Lorenzin

(This sad poem of mine is dedicated to my dearest Mamay who finally met the real Source of Light and Life a decade ago. I miss you so much, Mamay. May your soul continue to be at peace in God’s loving hands.)

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