7 Unique Gifts for your Partner on his Birthday

Birthday is definitely a special day for your partner, and giving gifts is certainly a yearly tradition that you should not miss, be it a material thing or a sweet gesture.

To help you with some ideas about the perfect Birthday present for him, I have come up with a short list of seven unique gifts you can give him on his day.

  1. A song or poem dedicated to him.

If your special someone is a hopeless romantic like you and appreciates songs and poems that much, then this unique gift is for him. Write a poem or song about this heroism as a husband, partner or father; or some verses telling him how much he means to you and your family. This will surely melt his heart, girl.

  1. Serenade

Isn’t it romantic to serenade your man to the tune of his favorite song or your theme song as he wakes up in the morning of his birthday? If you have an angelic voice, you can try this unique present for him. He will definitely like this kind of surprise. Try it, and he will set his yes on you, only you.

  1. Spa Treatment

There are days that your betterhalf is stressed-out. Don’t let him get drained especially on his special day because he deserves a break. A spa treatment, could be a couple’s romantic retreat or a solo activity, will help him unload some stress caused by work and other things. In addition to this, facial, pedicure or manicure will also lighten his day. You can check out some great spas through Spafinder.com, Idospa.com, Treatwell.co, letsbookr.com, or bloomme.com.hk. They have hundreds of nice and affordable spas for you to choose from.

  1. Hiking Day

Is your partner a hiker? Then, a hiking day on his birthday is a great activity to do together. You can savor the sweet moments you have with him as you hike higher. When you reach the peak of the hill or mountain, you can eat snacks together, a sort of date indeed. But please, don’t forget to check the weather first so as not to ruin your date on the mountain.

  1. Grand Prix Ticket

Your significant other is a car enthusiast and he likes watching car racing. What else to gift him on his birth date? Yes, a ticket to watch the prominent Grand Prix is 100 % awesome. If you are somewhere in Europe and have enough money to indulge your husband to a very memorable and once-in-a-lifetime Grand Prix experience, you can buy two Rolex British Grand Prix 2019 tickets and have fun at the Silverstone Circuit, Towcester in Great Britain. This is a brilliant yet expensive gift for your partner. Anyway, just be ready for the huge expenses that might incur afterwards.

  1. Vintage Car Rental

He is a vintage car aficionado and he likes driving classic cars. Then, why don’t you try to rent a vintage car as a way of celebration? The thought of you and he riding inside the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro or 1974 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia will surely make his day too special. The sites bookaclassic.com and drivevinty.com are a great help in finding the perfect car for you and your partner on his birthday. Visit their websites now for more details.

  1. Adventure Day

If your husband is an adventure seeker and his bucket list includes skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding and rafting, why don’t you set up an adventure day for him to enjoy? This is undoubtedly an experience he will remember for a lifetime. But before doing so, make sure that he is as healthy as a horse, so he can do such activities with minimal health risk, and of course, a very good medical insurance on the side.

Whatever gift you plan to give your partner, husband, or betterhalf on his very special day, what matters most is the love shown and the time spent with him. The price, kind and uniqueness of your gifts are only secondary.

All you have to do is shower him with your love and give him your most precious time on his remarkable day and he will, with no doubt, appreciate it fully.


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