Learning German in Hong Kong

Deutsch ist meine dritte Sprache.

German is my third language.

Ang Aleman ay aking pangatlong lenggwahe.

Learning German has never appeared in my thoughts before. But friends, I can speak German now, not that fluent but at least, conversational.

Why learning German?

Well, my husband’s mother tongue is Deutsch/German. Of course, I should learn his language as well. But this I have to tell you, it’s never an easy language. In fact, I find it hard to listen to German speakers especially when they talk fast.


and studying grammar is another hard task for me. It’s different from what I used to teach in school. Mixing English and German grammar rules makes it more complicated.

Why learning German?

Visa. Visa. Visa.

In order for me to obtain the National Visa or Visa D and Residence Permit, I needed to have a proof of my basic knowledge of German language. And how to have this proof? There’s only one way to get it, and that’s through passing the examination conducted by the Goethe Institut Hong Kong. Luckily, I passed the Start Deutsch 1 with 81 points (means good).

After passing the exam, I got my Goethe-Zertifikat A1 which, along with other necessary documents, was submitted to my husband’s consulate for visa application.

Before I was able to pass the exam, I had to do research, watched Youtube videos of Start Deutsch 1 exam, German speakers and teachers, installed and paid for language applications, and yes, I studied in a German school in Hong Kong. That’s every Sunday by the way. It took me six months to reach A2. A lot of work indeed. With a bunny to take care of, a husband to feed, and household chores to do and maintain, it’s a struggle.

Learning German was my first step to achieve what I’d longed for– a residence in my husband’s hometown. Now, I’m here living with my own family.

It’s worth all the effort, money and sacrifice.

Lastly, why learning German?

German is very important to learn because everyone around me speaks this language. Communication is essential, and the only way to communicate well is through this language. Every document, every post or mail, each recipe, each news, all road signs, all bank transactions and the like are written and spoken in German. Do I need to say more? I have already stated the obvious, I guess.

On my next blog, I will tackle the tips on how to learn German language. Please stay tuned.

Danke sehr. Thank you very much. Maraming salamat.

Auf Wiedersehen. Tschüss. Bye. Paalam.


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