Review: Knorr Baby Voletto Combi Set

A stroller is definitely a MUST if you already have a baby. It makes your life easier especially when it comes to walking, going out, or traveling.

There are different stroller brands out there that are economical, but I suggest that you always go for quality. Yes, you read it right. QUALITY.

This is very important when you are choosing a stroller to use for your beloved baby. You need a quality stroller that will give your baby safety and comfort. The style or fashion is only secondary.

Before we had our first bundle of joy, my husband started to search for a quality stroller on Amazon. It was in the first quarter of 2017 when he found the Knorr Baby Voletto Combi set on

Knorr Baby Voletto Combi set. Photo credits to

He asked me which color I wanted for our baby and I picked the black and white Voletto combi set. Then he immediately ordered it and after two days, the stroller set arrived in my parents-in-law’s house and they shipped it to Hong Kong afterwards.

Actually, I did not know Knorr Baby until my husband ordered it through Amazon. At first, I was a little bit skeptic about it, but hey, when I saw the stroller set in person, OMG, it’s beautiful. When I used it the first time, gosh, it was sturdy and stable.

The current price of Knorr Baby stroller. Photo credits to

Knorr Baby Voletto Limited Edition is really worth our money.


Good quality. Because it’s a quality stroller, it lasts longer. In fact, our 2nd baby is already using it and by the looks of it, our bunny is enjoying the quality of her stroller.

Stable. Like what I’ve observed from day 1 of having the Voletto set, it is undeniably a stable one. The wheels are bigger and stable. Its lightweight aluminum frame makes it more stable and sturdy.

Safe. Because of its stability, the parents are assured that their babies or kids are safe inside the stroller. One key safety measure of the Voletto stroller is its lock, so as to avoid unforeseen accident on the road or uphill. It also has cover for sunny days and rain cover for rainy days.

Comfortable. The stroller is comfy especially inside. There are foams to protect your child and make him/her comfortable while lying down or sitting.

Stylish. Knorr Baby Voletto Limited Edition stroller is not just a quality, sturdy, stable, and comfy stroller, but also very stylish. It comes with different styles that cater the needs and ages of your children. Another thing is its height-adjustable push handle that I find cool. Lastly, a fashionable diaper bag is included in your purchase.


Big and Heavy. The stroller is indeed of good quality, but the problem is its size and weight. It takes a lot of space in the house or apartmen. If you have less than 50 sqm house or apartment, you’ll have a hard time finding a big space for it.

Aside from being big, Knorr Baby stroller is heavy to carry in terms of traveling. Moreover, you have to dissemble it once you ride a car or taxi. In terms of riding a train (like in Hong Kong), Voletto stroller undeniably takes a huge space inside and in case of a crowded train, it is difficult to get in.

Expensive. As of this writing, it costs 507,32 € on Amazon. I know that it’s expensive but honestly, it’s better to buy a little bit expensive stroller than to buy twice. You get what I mean? Like what I’ve said, Knorr Baby Voletto Limited Edition stroller is worth the money.

P.S. The car seat is optional to order through Amazon.

Overall, I rate the Knorr Baby Voletto Combi Set (limited edition) four stars. Despite its cons, I still strongly recommend this baby stroller to all parents out there.

If you have extra budget and you don’t mind the space for the stroller, try it now. Just be ready for the attention of other people. For sure, there will be some curious audience who will ask you about your baby’s stroller (or should I say car hahaha). Mind you, there will also be a few who will take a photo of it (like what other people did in Hong Kong when they saw this Voletto combi set).

Thanks for reading. Until my next post. Ciao.

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