Adobo Journal

Here I am again, craving for something that is totally far from me. Waaaaaaah, I miss the spicy chicken adobo of my sister and the yummy and tender pork adobo of my father. How I wish they were here to cook my favorite food. 😦 Adobo — one of the most famous and most deliciousContinue reading “Adobo Journal”

Filipino Roots

The meaningful Philippine Flag. Photo credits to my husband. As you all know, I am an expat living in Central Europe but I am very proud of my Filipino roots. I love Philippines. I really do. In fact, I consider it as the best home ever despite all the not-so-good issues that its citizens complainContinue reading “Filipino Roots”

We hired a helper in Hong Kong

I was not born with a silver spoon. Neither had I a nanny when I was a kid. For me, hiring a helper was never an option while living as an expat in Hong Kong, but… Bunny #2 became a surprise! Having a hard time with my second pregnancy while taking care of our littleContinue reading “We hired a helper in Hong Kong”