Missing HongKong

It’s been almost a month since we moved to another country, but it seemed as if it were just yesterday. Waaaaah, I miss Hongkong very much– the beautiful skyscrapers, the tall buildings and towers, the long yet fascinating Victoria harbour, the ever fast MTR, the effective and efficient medical system, the delectable HK and ChineseContinue reading “Missing HongKong”

We hired a helper in Hong Kong

I was not born with a silver spoon. Neither had I a nanny when I was a kid. For me, hiring a helper was never an option while living as an expat in Hong Kong, but… Bunny #2 became a surprise! Having a hard time with my second pregnancy while taking care of our littleContinue reading “We hired a helper in Hong Kong”

Filipino Roots

The meaningful Philippine Flag. Photo credits to my husband. As you all know, I am an expat living in Central Europe but I am very proud of my Filipino roots. I love Philippines. I really do. In fact, I consider it as the best home ever despite all the not-so-good issues that its citizens complainContinue reading “Filipino Roots”

It all started with a ‘Pho’

Being an expat in Hongkong is not that easy. New culture. Different lifestyle. Difficult language. No friends–these summed up my first two months in Hongkong. Boredom and homesickness were my companions. My husband was most of the time at work and sadly, we only had much time at night, during weekends or holidays. I wasContinue reading “It all started with a ‘Pho’”

Craving for Milk Tea

One thing I miss about Hongkong is the authentic milk tea which you can buy anywhere in the city. This delicious drink is really a must-try once you set your feet in the Fragrant Harbour of Asia. Its fragrant aroma, distinct taste and smooth, creamy texture will definitely make you crave for it more andContinue reading “Craving for Milk Tea”