Hi everyone!

I am a former teacher and a freelance writer who’d like to paint the world with colorful words and enticing rhythm.

This new blog of mine is created to give the housewives and other followers/readers insights, inspiration, and enjoyment. I wish to reach out to thousands of people around the globe thru this Inscriptions of Stay-At-Home Wife site. The inscriptions that you are about to read in this blog are mainly about my life as a housewife, my dream destinations with my ‘forever travel buddy’, my dishes, my coffee and milk tea addiction, my former job,  my Hong Kong life, my quotes, my random thoughts, my poems and other stuffs that might interest you in the future.

To my future followers, YES, you are also about to see the blog posts about my journey as a teacher-turned-writer-turned-housewife. I hope that you will visit this page often. I promise to give you nice inscriptions for you to appreciate and enjoy.

Thank you.

With best regards,