Five Tourist Spots in Hong Kong with no Entrance Fee

You want to add Hong Kong in your bucket list of countries to visit this year, but hotel and accommodation plus the ticket are obviously expensive. Not to mention the tourist spot fees, and food and transportation allowances. Indeed, Hong kong is never cheap and a trip there means getting a huge amount of money from your pocket.

But to tell you honestly, you don’t have to shell out all your money just for the sake of your dream destination. You can actually travel to Hong Kong on a budget, and have fun visiting some famous places without even paying any cent.

To help you with your budget-friendly trip to Fragrant Harbour of Asia, I have compiled a list of five tourist spots in Hong Kong with no entrance fee.

1. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Sha Tin, New Territories)

This is definitely a must-visit spot in New Territories, Hong Kong, plus the fact that this costs nothing. You just have to hike the 431-steep steps and presto, you will get to see the magnificent Buddhist monastery which houses more than ten thousand Buddha statues.

Aside from those Buddha statues, there are also other statues in the pavillion which you can visit and pay respect. In addition to that, the breathtaking nine-storey Pagoda outside the Temple is a sight to behold for local and international tourists. Lastly, the galleries and chambers for burial urns, offering and worship are also worth your visit.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is indeed a tourist spot in Hong Kong that you should not miss. Just remember that taking photos inside the Main Temple is strictly prohibited, and wearing shorts and sexy top while visiting the temple is discouraged.

2. Symphony of Lights at the harbour (Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon)

Strolling along the waterfront is free and watching the spectacular multimedia show called Symphony of Lights is surely a good choice for you and your friends.

Symphony of Lights captures the hearts of the tourists by showing vibrant lights and playing wonderful soundtrack every night. This fantastic extravaganza is performed near the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Clock Tower (other tourist spots) in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon at 8 o’clock in the evening .

If you want to watch such great spectacle, make sure that you are there early enough, because a huge crowd is already waiting for the elaborate light show. Also, bring your patience with you, aside from a bottle of water, some crackers and umbrella (just in case it rains).

3. Lion Rock (Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon)

If you are into hiking, then Lion Rock is for you. You don’t need entrance fee there; only your strength, stamina and determination are necessary to reach the famous peak.

Once you have that clear sky and a nice weather, please do the Lion Rock hike from Wong Tain Sin or Kowloon Tong and experience a great view of Hong Kong skyline during the day.

The said hike is moderately difficult, because the terrain is not always smooth and flat. There are steps that are really steep and that makes the hiking taxing and longer, to be honest. You might be exhausted and thirsty, but it’s ok, just take your time and hike slowly. Promise, the view on and from the top is totally astounding.

Hiking on the Lion Rock is undeniably a must-do for hiker-travelers. Just don’t forget to bring your hydration pack or bottled water, some snacks, a cap, shades and sunscreen for protection.

4. Victoria Peak (The Peak, Hong Kong Island)

Going to Victoria Peak is always included in the list of many travelers. Why not? This is anyway the most famous peak in Hong Kong where you can marvel at the beautiful panoramic view of Hong Kong skyscrapers during the day or in the night.

Either you go there via the Peak Tram, the most popular and most scenic way of getting into Victoria Peak, or via Bus No. 15 which is not expensive compared to Urban Taxi around the area.

The stunning view of the harbour and the city entices the people at the Peak. Truly, your Hong Kong trip is never complete without visiting the ever famous tourist spot in the metropolis. Make sure to take that epic photo on top, but be aware of the crowd. You have to wait a little longer before you can find the perfect spot for your Instagrammable photo, without photobombers of course.

5. Hong Kong Park (Central, Hong Kong Island)

Considered as one of the most prominent parks in the metropolis, Hong Kong Park enthralls the local and international visitors through its huge aviary, beautiful waterfall, nice playground, and its awesome landscape. In addition to these, you can also see the famous Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry and the classic Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware at Hong Kong Park.

You can sit and relax on the benches while enjoying the serenity of the place. For sure, it’s a pleasant feeling to be in one of the city’s well-loved park. No stress bothering you and most of all, no single penny to shell out for this city spot.

Only a friendly reminder: Please keep the park clean and peaceful.

Now that you have this short list of Hong Kong tourist spots with no entrance fee, I am sure that you can enjoy your stay in the Asia’s World City even with limited budget on hand. Remember, visiting Hong Kong does not need to be very expensive and luxurious, so better plan your trip now before it’s too late.

Have a happy trip!


Blotted Soul






a part of Pink’s song entitled F***n Perfect

I never thought that I would be mistreated by some people I barely knew. I never thought that I would be misplaced in a place called darkness. I never thought that I would be misunderstood by few people whom I really trusted. Mistaken? Yes, indeed. Underestimated? Unfortunately, yes.

Many painful experiences have blotted my very soul. These awful experiences have made me so hopeless, weak and numb. The catastrophes have weakened my faith. Truly, these catastrophes have rendered me lonely.

Such painful experiences and dilemmas have brought scars into life. The vigor that I have had before and the valor that I have shown were nothing compared to hundreds of failures and disappointments I’ve had.

I was standing alone in my room, begging for a miracle to happen. I was asking myself, “What have I done to deserve such ill fate?”

Truly, scars were shouting and starting to kill me, little by little. I had no one to turn to. Again, no one. Such a sad reality.

Suddenly, one deep voice calmly uttered, “My child, I have never underestimated you nor mistreated you. You were never misplaced in my kingdom. You’re loved.”

I was really shocked and confused. Who uttered those strong words? Who touched my heart?

“I am Your Lord and Savior. Even when you’re blotted with sins, I still love you. Remember, I love you at your darkest,” God said.

I felt ashamed and I cried a lot after hearing Him spoke to me. In the blink of an eye, I realized my mistakes. I was really wrong for being faithless and hopeless.

At once, I knelt down and prayed for forgiveness. Yes, God’s with me and He loved me for whatever sins I’ve committed.

With great faith, I can now say these words:

“I am not mistreated. I am not misplaced. I am not misunderstood. I am not mistaken and I am never underestimated.”

Blotted soul, NO MORE!

By j. Lorenzin

Roses from my dearest Hubby (and more surprises)

Red roses from Flower Delivery HK. Photo credits to my husband

In the evening before my birthday, I asked my husband if he already took a leave of absence for tomorrow. But sad to say, he could not make it. He had a whole day seminar in Central District to attend to. That’s what he said.

Frustration filled me.

Before bedtime, I messaged my dear friend if she could join me on my birthday. I already planned to attend the morning mass at Rosary Church in Tsim Sha Tsui and then have lunch with her somewhere in Kowloon.

My friend said yes to me. Ok, that would be fun. At least, I would not be sad on my birthday. So, I slept.

When I woke up at 4 am to feed my little bunny, hubby was not by my side anymore. I thought that he just went to the restroom.

Ten minutes had passed and I was already done feeding our baby, but he was still missing. I was already thinking what’s happening outside.

Baby slept peacefully after a few minutes, so I laid her down in her bed. I was about to get up when suddenly, the door opened and there my husband was, standing by the door, holding a small cake with lit candles.

Whooooaaah! What an early birthday greeting ha.

He started singing the happy birthday song while still holding the cake. Oh, my heart melted! His sweet gestures made all my disappointment gone.

Hubby kissed and greeted me once more. I was so thankful and glad with all his efforts. Waking up very early and preparing a small surprise for me were already enough to ease my “tampo” haha.

When I went to the dining table at 6 am, I saw my favorite Pepero, the delicious Lindt and Raffaello chocolates placed on my plate.

I gushed and said ‘thank you’ to Hubby.

Then, we had our breakfast together, which was not so common in our household. Then at 6:45 am, he kissed me and said his goodbye. He had to go to Central for his seminar on that day. And I believed him.

Having a small baby to attend to could somehow ruin a mom’s schedule. I wanted to attend the mass, but could not anymore because of my baby. I decided to attend the evening mass instead.

While attending to the needs of my little bunny in the living room, I heard the sound of the door.

Mind you, there were only two persons having the key cards in our apartment– that’s me and my Schatz!

What a surprise, right? Funny, he was also surprised to see me inside.

“I thought you attended the mass,” he said.

“Well, I changed my mind. I would attend the service in the evening.”

“It was me who was surprised. You shouldn’t be here now”, he was shaking his head out of mere disappointment.

“And why on earth are you here? I thought you had a seminar.”

Obviously, my husband lied. He’s not really going to Central. According to him, when he went out of our apartment, he just walked along the nearest street, then back, and stayed a little at the lobby while waiting for 8 am (the start of the mass).

Unfortunately (for him ha), I was still in the apartment, so his planned “surprise” was not accomplished.

I teased him and said, “You lied to me ha. Should I be worried?”

“Nah, I did it only for your birthday. I wanted to surprise you, but it looked like I was the one surprised.”

While we were talking, my phone rang. A delivery man called me and told me to go down in the lobby to get my flowers.

Another surprise.

But Hubby was a little bit annoyed. The man was supposed to deliver the flowers in the apartment, not me picking it up downstairs.

As I approached the man from Flower Delivery HK, I saw a beautiful and huge bouquet of red roses, with a small card on it, and a medium-sized box (Please see the photo posted above).

Oh, I became teary-eyed while I was in the lift. What a sweet and thoughtful man my husband was (and still, luckily.)

My husband, with a smile on his handsome face, opened the door.

I put the bouquet of red roses and the box on the table. Then, I hugged and kissed him. That’s the only way I could thank him for all the sweet surprises he has done for me.

“I hope you’re happy with all of these. It’s your first birthday celebration here in Hongkong and I wanted it to be extra special for you,” he told me.

Ohhh, I cried. I’m so blessed for having HIM in my life. Seriously, I could not ask for more.

My close friend with her baby boy arrived before lunch. Guess what? My dearest hubby made Hawaiian, Tuna and Salami pizzas for the three of us.

Wait, there’s another surprise. Another man from The Royal Garden Fine Foods delivered the mouthwatering mango cheese cake and six yummy mango cupcakes.

Mango Cheese cake. Photo credits to The Royal Garden Fine Foods

Mango cupcake. Photo credits to my husband


What a birthday treat indeed!

P.S. The box I received contained the flower vase and a set of Ferrero Rocher. As you can see from the photo above, the bouquet was already arranged. Guess who did it? My loving husband of course.

Thanks to my baby blue eyes. ❤

By Happy Wife

From The PEAK: What a sight to behold!

My dearest husband took this photo of Hongkong’s spectacular skyline from the Sky Terrace 428 on Victoria Peak.

Beautiful, isn’t it? What a wonderful photo to look at! Thanks to my baby blue eyes.

If you want to see the amazing panoramic view of Hongkong in the night, go to Victoria Peak via the Peak Tram, urban taxi, Bus 15 or 15B, mini bus 1, or your own private car. Once you’re at the Peak, you can try the Sky Terrace 428, the 360 degree-viewing deck of the Peak Tower where you can marvel at the impressive sea of Hongkong’s skyscrapers and the wonderful Victoria Harbour.

I suggest that you go there around late afternoon, have some coffee moments at Pacific Coffee or eat some burgers and fries at Burger King, or spend an hour shopping at different stores like Crocs, Giordano, Swarovski, Swatch, and others.

After having some coffee, you can approach the Sky Terrace 428 receptionist to buy the entrance ticket which costs 52.00 hkd for Adults and 26.00 hkd for Children aged 3-11, Seniors and PWD.

Actually, you can also avail a combo ticket of Peak Tram and Sky Terrace 428 which costs 99.00 hkd for Adults and 47.00 hkd for Children aged 3-11, Seniors and PWD (roundtrip); or 84.00 for Adults and 38.00 hkd for Children, Seniors and PWD (one-way only).

Spending an hour or two at the Sky Terrace 428 while gazing at the stunning view of Hongkong is definitely an enjoyable experience for locals and international tourists.

When you’re done admiring the scenic view from above, you can check out some restaurants to dine in the lower levels (e.g. Wildfire, Fujiyama Mama, Mimi Desserts, and Hongkong Day).

Wildfire Pizzabar and Grill is our top choice for dine-in restaurant at the Peak. It offers Western cuisine, so if you’re a fan of Western food, go there and enjoy their sumptuous dishes.

My favorite food to order there is the Supreme Pizza, but of course, they have various options to choose from. Their mini sliders, fish taco, caesar salad, chicken kebab, and banana split are also delicious. Ohh, I’m getting hungry while writing this blog entry haha.

If you’re a seafood lover, they also have many seafood dishes there. Now, if you’re a steak afficionado like my hubby, why not order the Wildfire’s U.S. T-bone Steak or U.S. Beef Hanger Steak? “Mouthwatering!” My husband says.

Waaah, enough of these free advertisements hahaha I wonder if Wildfire and Sky Terrace 428 will give me some freebies with all the recommendations and praises I’ve given them. Uh oh, just kidding!

Whatever you want to do at the Peak, it’s your choice, but please, please, please.. Try to experience what we have experienced before and that is to see the outstanding Hongkong skyline, whether it’s in the morning, afternoon or evening. It’s worth the price and the waiting time. Promise.

I miss you, Hongkong. See you in the future.

Gute Nacht. Ciao.


Acceptance is the key. Just feel the pain, accept what is not yours anymore and let time help you to mend what is broken. – J. Lorenzin ©