A Chance With You CONVO

“I am stubborn, bossy, and sensitive. I also don’t cook so well, and I don’t like zombie series or films like you do. We are poles apart.” –Mia “And so? I still love you even if you’re stubborn and you can’t cook my favorite Schnitzel, and I can bear it if you don’t watch horrorContinue reading “A Chance With You CONVO”

Back to WordPress after a Long Hiatus

I’m back! It’s been so long since my last post. To all my followers and readers, I would like to say sorry for the long hiatus that I have made.  I took a break from creating blogs because I had to focus on my two bunnies and had to review for my Integrationsprüfung A2 (which IContinue reading “Back to WordPress after a Long Hiatus”

How is it like to be an Expat?

Expatriates. Abroad. Different Culture. New Language. Away from home. Far from family and/or friends. These are just some of the issues that expats around the globe are currently experiencing. I know it because I am an expat myself. Actually, I have been an expat since 2016. Kinda long now and to tell you the truth,Continue reading “How is it like to be an Expat?”

How to learn German (or Deutsch)

Hallo. Guten Tag. Wie geht es Ihnen? These are just some of the very common expressions in German language that you have to know once you aim to visit, work or live in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Deutsch ist schwer.  Indeed. Who says it’s easy? No one. Even the native speakers themselves. The grammar andContinue reading “How to learn German (or Deutsch)”

Learning German in Hong Kong

Deutsch ist meine dritte Sprache. German is my third language. Ang Aleman ay aking pangatlong lenggwahe. Learning German has never appeared in my thoughts before. But friends, I can speak German now, not that fluent but at least, conversational. Why learning German? Well, my husband’s mother tongue is Deutsch/German. Of course, I should learn hisContinue reading “Learning German in Hong Kong”