Filipino Roots

The meaningful Philippine Flag. Photo credits to my husband. As you all know, I am an expat living in Central Europe but I am very proud of my Filipino roots. I love Philippines. I really do. In fact, I consider it as the best home ever despite all the not-so-good issues that its citizens complainContinue reading “Filipino Roots”

How is it like to be an Expat?

Expatriates. Abroad. Different Culture. New Language. Away from home. Far from family and/or friends. These are just some of the issues that expats around the globe are currently experiencing. I know it because I am an expat myself. Actually, I have been an expat since 2016. Kinda long now and to tell you the truth,Continue reading “How is it like to be an Expat?”

Learning German in Hong Kong

Deutsch ist meine dritte Sprache. German is my third language. Ang Aleman ay aking pangatlong lenggwahe. Learning German has never appeared in my thoughts before. But friends, I can speak German now, not that fluent but at least, conversational. Why learning German? Well, my husband’s mother tongue is Deutsch/German. Of course, I should learn hisContinue reading “Learning German in Hong Kong”

Five Tourist Spots in Hong Kong with no Entrance Fee

You want to add Hong Kong in your bucket list of countries to visit this year, but hotel and accommodation plus the ticket are obviously expensive. Not to mention the tourist spot fees, and food and transportation allowances. Indeed, Hong kong is never cheap and a trip there means getting a huge amount of moneyContinue reading “Five Tourist Spots in Hong Kong with no Entrance Fee”

Pray for Hong Kong

Praying for Hong Kong, my beloved country of residence for three years.. I hope that there will be no more uproar and violence in Asia’s World City these coming days. To all Hongkongers who still believe in Freedom and Democracy, please be strong. Stand firm and be united especially in this time of trial. GodContinue reading “Pray for Hong Kong”

Together Again

Hello, friends and readers! After a few days of being silent on social media and WordPress, here I am now, making a short update about the happenings in my life. My husband is finally back in Europe as his work contract in Hongkong has just ended. We are together again. No more long distance. NoContinue reading “Together Again”

It all started with a ‘Pho’

Being an expat in Hongkong is not that easy. New culture. Different lifestyle. Difficult language. No friends–these summed up my first two months in Hongkong. Boredom and homesickness were my companions. My husband was most of the time at work and sadly, we only had much time at night, during weekends or holidays. I wasContinue reading “It all started with a ‘Pho’”

Doner kebab please..

HERE I am again, craving for food in the middle of the night. How unlucky, huh? Hearing the grumbling of my stomach, I decided to stop my Google search for noodles and kebab. Why? Obviously, the photos of yummy noodles like ramen and pho, and of mouthwatering kebabs such as Doner kebab, mixed kebab, andContinue reading “Doner kebab please..”

From The PEAK: What a sight to behold!

My dearest husband took this photo of Hongkong’s spectacular skyline from the Sky Terrace 428 on Victoria Peak. Beautiful, isn’t it? What a wonderful photo to look at! Thanks to my baby blue eyes. If you want to see the amazing panoramic view of Hongkong in the night, go to Victoria Peak via the PeakContinue reading “From The PEAK: What a sight to behold!”

Visit Macau!

Living in Hongkong SAR (Special Administrative Region of China) for three years gave me a few chances to visit Macau as well. Yes. I did visit Macau in 2016, 2017 and 2018. My husband and I went to China Ferry Terminal to board the TurboJet Ferry. We bought two Super Class ferry tickets before boarding.Continue reading “Visit Macau!”